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Full Service Dispatch

• Full-service dispatch staff is on call 24/7.

• We can accommodate any emergency in a timely manner.

• The dispatch services work with dedicated technicians from start to finish and do so efficiently.

Workforce Optimization

• Utilizing an array of specialties necessary for property development and management.

• Create savings for the clients and increasing quality.

• Coordination between contractors and providers.

Job Tracking

Quality Oversight

• The key to maintenance and construction is quality.

• Proper systems are in place to inspect and ensure proper job performance.

• Efficient completion of tasks in a timely manner keeps costs low and controllable

Scale Pricing

• Large-scale contracts and industry relationships create cost-effective solutions.

• Solutions to savings, a process where the value of our efforts is passed homeowners.

• Proper planning will minimize and reduce the costs of vendors.

Special Accomodations

• Implement technology with our dispatch services to provide optimal job tracking for our clients and ourselves.

• Contractors are GPS-tracked, ensuring proper timing and performance.

• Handle any order, from a custom installation in a single unit to a full gut of a large building

• Teams proven with expertise in new construction and substantial redevelopment projects.

• No task is too complex for us to resolve.

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