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HOA Services

Budget Creation

• Crucial to success, we will help your association create a feasible and adequate budget annually.

• Proper planning will keep your buildings in top shape and avoid large capital expenditures.

• We take pride in executing custom plans to better the daily lives of our managed residents.

Accounting Services

• Staff specialized in property management accounting, ot just real estate or brokerage.

• We utilize time-honored practices and provide open-book accounting for all services.

• Coordinate work directly with lenders, CPA's., or any other specific professional trade required

Scale Pricing

Legal Compliance

• Navigate complexity homeowners' associations bring.

• Ensure that your property adheres to all the necessary guidelines and best practices.

• Avoid technical default of the Illinois statutes, liabilities and lawsuits.

Contract Negotiation

• Experienced in negotiating any contract that may be needed for the building.

• Source for  all services that your association will  require

• Help ensure compliance, coverage, and execution for all trades 

Full-Service Management

• Large-scale contracts and industry relationships create cost-effective solutions.

• Solutions to savings, a process where the value of our efforts is passed homeowners.

• Proper planning will minimize and reduce the costs of vendors.

• 24/7 full service management, 

• Problems can be met at any time.

• We handle tax preparation, property tax appeals, loan management, contracting, compliance, insurance, and property planning services. 

• No Service is too complex for us to figure out with custom plans for each building.

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